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Josh Ortega-Scheiner has been a tattoo artist for nearly 20 years.  He began his career in 1993 as an apprentice at locally-owned Sach’s, working alongside Jeremy Montoya and many other well-known local artists.  For several years he supported himself as a freelance artist until reuniting with Jeremy Montoya in 1996, to form Independent Ink Tattoo.

Josh has a formal background in fine art with a focus on lithography, and is a prolific painter and graphic artist.  Josh is an avid friend and sponsor of the local MMA community,  and his tattoo artistry can currently be seen on many of Albuquerque’s finest MMA champions.  As part owner of Independent Ink, Josh specializes in custom design pieces, and is known for his vivid color as well as his personal spin on authentic Japanese design.  In his spare time Josh designs and paints outrageous, one-of-a-kind custom shoes and skateboards that are unrivaled in quality and workmanship.  Special order only please, these pieces require time and love.

Josh is available by appointment only, with all appointments requiring a fifty dollar  deposit fee.